How we face the current situation


Covid-19新冠病毒的爆发,牢牢地撰住了人们的私人与商业生活,并将全人类与公司置于一个特殊的测试中。每个家庭、每位员工、每个客户以及合作伙伴的健康,是我们的首要任务。因此,我司完全遵守主管当局以及Robert Koch研究所的规定,并尽量将直接的人际接触减少到最低。


Stay healthy!

Your EA electric-automatic

March 2020

The Corona crisis has taken over private and business life and put everybody under stress. More than ever we have to recognise our individual responsibility and contribute to coping with the situation.

The health of our families, colleagues, customers and partners has our highest priority.

At the same time, we are charged with maintaining our business ability for our business partners. We have taken all the necessary steps to keep as long as possible our best commercial and delivery capability. This requires a modern and secure IT infrastructure with which we are available without restriction. We are guided by the responsible authorities and the Robert-Koch-Institute and have reduced social contact to the absolute minimum. The EA-Automatik team is functioning at full capacity. Early on, we introduced strict prevention standards to avoid the Corona virus impacting our processes.

We are keeping close watch on the maintenance of our sales and production plans. At the moment all supply chains with our key suppliers are assured. Limited air freight capacity has caused minor logistic issues, but these have had minimal impact on our delivery capability.

From Monday, 23rd March, production in Viersen will be run in two independent shifts to avoid total shutdown in case of one shift, despite all prevention measures, being stopped due to a Corona case. In addition, all office staff are working in Home Office and continue to be your contact persons. Should the Corona virus crisis cause further changes or restrictions in our business relationship, we will inform you as quickly as possible through this channel.

Your usual contact person will be happy to answer any queries you have, by telephone or e-mail.

Take care and stay healthy

EA Elektro-Automatik