Highly efficient power supply
Scalable EA-Power racks
Next level stack testing

Electrolysers: Reliable power supply with EA-Power racks

Continuous hydrogen production

Hydrogen has become an important component of a future CO2-free energy supply. The demand for green hydrogen from electrolysers is therefore increasing rapidly. A highly efficient power supply is becoming increasingly important so that the systems can continuously produce larger quantities of hydrogen. EA-Power racks reliably secure this.

High power density

EA’s programmable power supplies, connected in parallel in the EA Power Racks, are ideal for safeguarding hydrogen production.

EA-10000 Industrial Series – The advantages:

  • High power density
    60 kW in 6U, 30 kW in 4U
  • Powerful rack performance
    Up to 300 kW in a single 19″ EA-Power rack
  • True autoranging
    Larger voltage and current range in one device

EA-Power Racks – The advantages:

  • Up to 3.84 MW output power
    Parallel-connected devices in 19“ EA-Power Rack
    (maximum operating voltage of up to 2000 VDC)
  • Air- or water-cooled versions
    For optimum adaptation to application requirements
  • Scalable
    For optimum adaptation to voltage and current requirements
  • Can be automated
    Seamless integration into the automation solution of the electrolysis systemsAnlagen
  • Easy to service
    Remote maintenance and diagnostics via integrated Ethernet interfaces
  • Compact
    Can be integrated into the container of the electrolysis system
  • Plug-and-play
    Turnkey handover – Made in Germany

Electrolyser stacks

Precise tests of degradation behaviour and efficiency

Dynamic tests provide valuable information about the behaviour of electrolyser stacks with different power supply qualities. EA offers the ideal power electronics for these tests – with fully controllable devices, high accuracy of the values determined and maximum flexibility when setting the parameters.

EA highlight: DC ripple in the integrated function generator

The superposition of a direct current with an alternating current can be set using the function generator.

Next level testing with EA

  • Fully controllable and adjustable EA power electronics
    (OV – nominal voltage, 0A – nominal current, 0W – nominal power)
  • Precise regulation of the desired voltage, current and power values
  • Function generator: Investigation of the effects of DC current ripple on electrolyzer stacks

Ideal DC current

Frequency adjustable

AC amplitude adjustable

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