Wir machen Ihr Batterie-
Recycling effizienter

Höhere Wertschöpfung mit elektronischen Lasten
und bidirektionalen Stromversorgungen von EA

Battery Recycling

Sustainability in electromobility is a major challenge

To make electromobility sustainable, second-life concepts and efficient recycling of lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion polymer batteries will play a key role in the very near future. Completely new industries and companies are emerging to take on this task.

Optimize your battery recycling with EA

Regenerative loads and bidirectional programmable DC power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik make your battery recycling:

  • efficient
  • flexible
  • economical
  • safe
  • sustainable

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EA PSB Bidirectional Power Supply – Enabling EV Battery Recycling

Second-life use

Bidirectional DC lab power supplies test the remaining capacity of your batteries

The primary goal is to find a second use for the batteries from electromobility after they have been used in the vehicle (second-life use). For example, as energy storage for solar power or wind energy. When testing the remaining capacity, the battery is first fully charged and then discharged in a controlled manner. The capacity (SOC) and state of aging (SOH) are measured and the energy is fed back into the power grid with an efficiency of over 96%.

The bidirectional programmable DC power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik are ideally suited for this process.

Final recycling

Electronic loads with mains feedback for the complete discharge of your accumulators

After the second-life cycle, the rechargeable batteries are subjected to final recycling. This process attempts to recover as many components of a lithium-ion battery as possible as raw material for new batteries. Before the batteries are disassembled into their individual parts, they must be fully discharged. This is done in order to avoid the risk of contact-hazardous voltage or fire and to use the residual energy still stored in the battery.

EA Elektro-Automatik’s regenerative electronic loads are a very efficient solution for this purpose.

Everything under control

With the EA Power Control Software

Our efficiency continues with the control of our products. The EA Power Control operating software allows convenient and precise control of EA products via Windows PC. This allows you to remotely control and monitor our DC power supplies and electronic loads from the comfort of your PC. With the optional Multi Control you can manage the settings of up to 20 EA devices simultaneously.

  • Remote control of up to 20 devices simultaneously
  • Process flow control and recording of data
  • Control of the integral function generator
  • Clear layout of all functions
  • Easy firmware updates

Quality „made in Germany“

EA Elektro-Automatik is one of the pioneers worldwide in the field of power supplies and electronic loads with mains regeneration. Based on decades of development competence, the EA-PSB series 10000 and EA-ELR series 10000 set the international standard in terms of performance, ease of use and safety.

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