Investment at Viersen Site driven by the global development of battery and hydrogen technology


Innovative products and lean processes: EA Elektro-Automatik adapts its production and logistics for the future

Modern clean-room electronics manufacture and up-to-date warehousing

Everything is coming together for EA Elektro-Automatik: the next building bay is just completed and the demand for high-tech devices and high-power supplies is climbing globally. So, EA is using the additional capacity of ca. 21000 m² to analyse and redefine all production and logistic processes. The key thinking behind this is to expand production capacity through modernisation and higher efficiency, safeguarding the future through innovation and investment, and all that in turbulent times. The move of the various departments within the two bays has been planned in detail and performed with no interruption to production.

The EA Elektro-Automatik Group is Europe’s leading supplier of power electronics for Research and Development as well as industrial applications. With innovative power characteristics and a broad application spectrum, EA has established itself as a development partner for future oriented categories. EA devices are used in test of battery and fuel cell technology, wind and solar energy, electrochemicals, process technology, telecommunication, automobiles, and many other future oriented applications.

More than 200 qualified associates take satisfaction from the interest in ‘their’ products and the further development of the Viersen site with which EA sends a positive signal in this demanding pandemic. The jobs are safeguarded for the future, the process steps modernized and, at the same time, ergonomically optimised. A win-win situation for the employees and for the customers.

The task, to renew production and logistics, is challenging. This means for the project leaders Pierre Hartmann, Logistics, and Markus Stops, Production: everything will be examined in detail. Using value-stream analysis they, together with their teams, analyse all material flows and optimise these for future development. The results will be set out in a vertical flow structure to achieve a straight, lean process from goods-in to shipping.

Detailed plans show where the individual departments and areas should be located in the future to connect efficiently with the preceding and subsequent work processes. For the ultra-modern electronics production and the newly organised warehouse which will include additional system support, a total of 21000 m² are available. Approx. 14000 m² existing space and 6000 m² in the new bay, on 3 floors, whereby one floor (2000 m²) is held in reserve for the next production expansion.

Currently, production areas are being prepared, access control installed, power and lighting adapted, walls and doors installed. Following these the various production areas move stepwise into the new building or into a new location in the existing building. The move has taken place from May 2021 to October 2022 during normal production. Thus, EA is creating the future of power electronics – technologically excellent, preserving resources sustainable and saving energy, and ideal for a multitude of applications.

The new EA hall with 6000m² of additional space in Viersen.

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