Electronic assembly made by EA in Germany

EA Elektro-Automatik manufactures its power supply systems and electronic loads at a ca. 6000m² site in Viersen, Niederrhein. We have a high level of vertical integration. Thus, we produce all our electronic components for our core products in-house. In our circuit board production, we use both SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology) in modern assembly and soldering stations. Our products undergo numerous test phases both during the manufacturing process and at final inspection. The first test phase, the component test, follows directly after the initial assembly: computer aided systems test the functional capability of the circuit boards.

Subsequently our technicians mount the individual components together to build the complete device. From cable fabrication to our own fitting shop, we are well equipped to meet any demands: whether serial production, prototypes or individual customisation – our technical staff do everything themselves and are therefore rapidly responsive.

Standardised processes across all phases make for a lean and efficient production. Even so, before our devices are dispatched they pass through various automated test systems for quality assurance. And all that under full ESD protection across the whole process chain.


In the SMD department we assemble all components with mechanical support: modern assembly machines guarantee a circuit board of high manufactured quality.



Whether wave soldering or selective soldering, our lead-free soldering under nitrogen achieves high quality soldered connections.


Module testing

Intelligent testing: computer controlled systems test the functions of our circuit boards quickly and reliably.


Product assembly

In the product assembly all the components for a finished product are put together.


Product testing

Leads and cable looms, mechanical changes to modules or prototypes, where needed, are all made in-house.