Поддержка UTA 12

Tips & Tricks

Помощь при проблемах при установке программы UTA12

Problem 1: The UTA12 is not or appearantly not recognized by the PC (Windows' Plug'n'Play) or the driver installation fails

Solution: there is probably another driver from a different hardware (e.g. an USB-to-RS232 converter) installed which suits to the UTA12 and is thus used by Windows. This driver mostly is not a true USB driver and has to be either uninstalled or updated for the UTA12. Updating is done via the Windows device manager, if the UTA12 is listed there. Right-click the UTA12 and choose "Update driver" and point to the correct driver on the supplied CD. Or completely uninstall the wrong driver and Windows Plug'n'Play should ask for a new one for the UTA12.

Problem 2: The UTA12 software does not run, because it requires LabView Runtime 7.0

Solution: the version of LabView Runtime Engine 7.1 supplied on some UTA12 CDs is (unfortunately) not down-compatible to version 7.0. Please download and install the installer version with the required runtime here, if you haven't LabView Runtime 7.0 installed anyway.

Помощь при установке UTA Sequence Tool

Problem: The tool hangs after opening a CSV or XLS file

Possible cause: You are using Windows 98 resp. Office 97/2000. The use of Excel sheets for this tool does not work with Office97 installed, Office2000 is untested. The tool will either hang or crash when opening an Excel sheet while Office97 is installed. It may also hang/crash if a CSV file was opened, but this shall only occur after a XLS file has been tried to open before.

Solution: Don't open XLS files in the tool, only use CSV files. But you can, of course, still edit the table/sheet with Excel97 and save it as a CSV afterwards and then use it.

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