Production process

Quality – Made in Germany

Electronic Production – made in Germany

Quality assurance at the highest level

EA Elektro-Automatik produces its power supply systems and electronic loads on approximately 18,000 m² in Viersen on the Lower Rhine. We have a high vertical range of manufacture. Thus, we assemble all electronic components for our core products in-house. In our printed circuit board production we assemble SMT (=Surface Mounted Technology) as well as THT (=Through Hole Technology) components on modern assembly and soldering machines. During the manufacturing process as well as during the final inspection, our products pass through several test phases. After the assembly, the first test phase follows – that of component testing: Computer-controlled systems test the circuit boards for their functionality.

Afterwards, our fitters assemble the individual components into complete units in the device assembly department. From cable production to the in-house locksmith’s shop, our production is optimally equipped for all requirements: Whether serial production, prototypes or individual adaptation – our skilled workers carry out all work steps themselves and thus quickly. Standardized processes ensure lean and efficient production throughout all phases. However, before our devices leave our premises, they pass through various automated test systems for quality assurance. And all this with full ESD protection throughout the entire process chain.