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Requirement: Highly efficient energy supply for electrolysis plants

Electrolysis is a key technology für green hydrogen

Hydrogen production has become an important component of a future CO2-free energy supply for industry, transport and private households. In the course of this development a process has emerged as the key technology for energy transition: Electrolysis.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier
Electrical energy from wind and solar power plants are used to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis. The produced hydrogen is used for example in the industry sector (e.g. green steel). When required (no wind, no sun), the hydrogen is fed back into the grid as electrical energy via fuel cells. The fuel cell also functions as an electric drive for vehicles, such as lorries and buses.

Solution: Highly efficient power supply with EA-Power Racks

Reliable hydrogen production in electrolysis plants

Demand for green hydrogen from electrolysis plants is growing rapidly. To ensure that the plants can continuously produce quantities of hydrogen, a highly efficient power supply is becoming increasingly important. The modular EA-Power Racks reliably secure this.

Modular EA-Power Racks Solution: Additional benefits

  • Up to 3.84 MW output power
    Parallel-connected in EA-Power Rack
  • Communication and Ethernet interfaces
    For integration into the automation solution and for remote maintenance
  • True autoranging
    Larger voltage and current range in one unit
  • Air- or water-cooled versions
    For optimal adaptation to application requirements
  • Plug-and-play
    EA-Power Racks are prewired for safety and immediate use
  • Made in Germany

Programmable DC-Power Supplies for EA-Power Racks

With the new EA-10000 Industrial series, EA Elektro-Automatik (EA) has achieved a breakthrough in power density. The motto: Pure & Powerful! Powerful performance with 60 kW in 6U, 30 kW in 4U and up to 300 kW in a single rack, combined with pure design without manual display on the front.

High power density.

Autoranging and high power density
The units can be connected in parallel in the EA-Power Rack up to an output power of 3.84 MW with a maximum operating voltage of up to 2000 VDC. In addition to high power density, the DC power supplies offer true autoranging and are equipped with a plug- and-play interface slot for retrofitting
digital interfaces.

EA-Power Racks: The Features

High utility value. Optimum application adaptation.

Each EA-Power Rack is optimally adapted to your voltage and current requirements.

Can be automated
The EA-Power Racks can be seamlessly integrated (PROFINet, Ethercat, CAN, etc.) into the automation solution of your electrolysis plant. Standardized connections ensure simple installation and quick commissioning.

Integrated Ethernet interfaces make it easy for you to access the EA-Power Racks for remote maintenance and diagnostics. With these data and status information, you always have your system under control.

The compact EA-Power Rack has low footprint requirements inside the plant.

EA-Power Racks come prewired for safely and fully tested.

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