Surface Mounted Device

SMD Assembly

In our SMD assembly (SMD= Surface Mounted Device) we assemble about 20 million components per year. With this technology we do not drill holes. Instead, we solder even very small components directly onto the printed circuit board. This is done with the help of lead-free vapor phase soldering, which is particularly gentle and reliable.

Miniaturization of components

With SMD technology, the components require considerably less space. This enables us to mount our components on even the smallest of boards and achieve a high component density. In this way, the printed circuit boards can be miniaturized in SMD assembly. In this way we save costs. All PCBs receive a unique serial number during production, which enables us to trace the materials afterward. To ensure quality, we test all boards in the last step by automatic optical inspection (AOI). Moisture-sensitive components (keyword: MSL – Moisture Sensitivity Level) are stored by our qualified personnel after the assembly process again in a vacuum in corresponding dry-shield bags. In this way, we can guarantee that the quality of the components used in the next production batch will also meet our standards.

Automated production lines

We use two automated lines as well as a prototype system with the most modern automatic placement machines. Through the automated PCB assembly we guarantee the highest quality of our electronics production. With the help of these Pick & Place applications we save a lot of time in production.

Cost advantages through SMD production:

  • Fast device production through Collect & Place application
  • High production quality through automatic PCB assembly
  • No contamination