THT assembly

Through Hole Technology

THT Assembly

In our THT assembly (THT = Through Hole Technology), a team of around 35 employees manufactures assemblies with wired components. The soldering is done by a wave soldering machine. This is done lead-free and under a nitrogen inert gas atmosphere. This enables us to produce high-quality solder joints that conform to RoHS.

High-quality Solder Joints

If required, further components are then processed on the selective soldering machines – also lead-free and under nitrogen. In the final step, we assemble the primary and secondary sides of our systems into complete power components.

Intelligent Screw Driving Systems

Intelligent screwing systems with rotation angle and torque monitoring connect the power semiconductors with the heat sinks within a monitored process. Here, too, our employees work in air-conditioned rooms. In this way, we guarantee the required purity, which we need for the power element assembly.