For Batteries

Optimized battery testing with bidirectional
programmable DC power supplies

Testing for Second-Life use

What is the residual capacity of the battery?

The potential uses of second-life batteries from electric vehicles are many and varied. The applications range from home storage, emergency power supplies and power buffers to energy storage for solar power or wind energy.

Bidirectional programmable DC power supplies

For this application, it makes sense to use bidirectional laboratory power supplies for further investigation. With only one device, it is possible to test whether older batteries from electrically powered vehicles can still be used in other applications. If these applications are predominantly static and if the residual capacity is sufficient, these batteries will find their second-life use e.g. in stationary energy storage systems.

In this test, the battery is first fully charged with the bidirectional power supply and then discharged in a controlled manner with the same device. The capacity (SOC) and state of aging (SOH) are measured and the energy is fed back into the power grid with an efficiency of over 96%.

Your advantages when using bidirectional programmable DC power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik

High efficiency and higher safety when testing the battery capacity

Bidirectional programmable DC power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik ensure the maximum possible charge and discharge of the batteries. With precise tests, detailed data about the remaining capacity is provided for the DUT.

Amortization through power regeneration

The bidirectional programmable DC power supply from EA Elektro-Automatik takes its energy from the connected battery during the discharge process and converts it into AC voltage with an efficiency of up to 96%. This is then fed back into the local power grid and reused, thus amortizing the purchase price via reduction of electricity costs.

Economy through time savings

The time saved in charging and discharging the lithium-ion batteries using the high input powers of up to 15kW in 3U enclosures or 30kW in 4U enclosures increases cost-effectiveness. In addition, the devices can be combined to form high-performance switchgear cabinet systems with a total output of up to 1.92MW.

High flexibility in use

Versatile and flexible: Due to true autoranging capability of the device series from EA Elektro-Automatik, battery storage systems with different system voltages can be charged and discharged with only one bidirectional programmable DC power supply. For example, full power is available with one device for both a 400V and 800V system.

Bidirectional programmable DC power supplies

As a single unit or scalable cabinet system

  • Bidirectional (Charge & Discharge)
  • TFT color display with touchscreen
  • Plug’n play interface-slot
  • Master-slave function
Technical Specifications
  • 19″ inch case 3U
    with up to 1500V and 15kW
  • 19″ inch case 4U
    with up to 2000V and 30kW
  • Cabinet systems
    with up to 1.92MW
  • Bidirectional (Charge & Discharge)
  • Autoranging for DC In- and Output
  • Integrated Interfaces:
    Ethernet, USB, Analog
  • Plug’n play interface-slot for:
    CAN, CANopen, Ethercat, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, RS232
  • Intuitive operation on full color HMI
  • Battery & fuel cell simulation
  • Integrated function generator
  • Parallel switchable for systems with Master-Slave function
  • EA Power Control user software
  • EA-BS Battery Simulator software
  • Air- and water-cooled variants

Everything under control

With the EA Power Control Software

Our efficiency continues with the control of our products. The EA Power Control operating software allows convenient and precise control of EA products via Windows PC. This allows you to remotely control and monitor our DC power supplies and electronic loads from the comfort of your PC. With the optional Multi Control you can manage the settings of up to 20 EA devices simultaneously.

  • Remote control of up to 20 devices simultaneously
  • Process flow control and recording of data
  • Control of the integral function generator
  • Clear layout of all functions
  • Easy firmware updates

Quality „made in Germany“

EA Elektro-Automatik is one of the pioneers worldwide in the field of power supplies and electronic loads with mains regeneration. Based on decades of development competence, the EA-PSB series 10000 and EA-ELR series 10000 set the international standard in terms of performance, ease of use and safety.

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