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Service Information/Bug Report:
Dear Customer, currently the EA-Power Control software is not running correctly on devices updated to Windows 11. An update can lead to an incomplete update and a nonfunctional device. Our service team is already working on this issue. Please contact our support (support@elektroautomatik.com) for further information if you plan an upgrade to Windows 11 anytime soon. The use of the EA-Power Control update feature with Windows 10 is possible without limitation. Thank you for your understanding.

EA-Power Control

Control, programming and advanced applications for
EA Power Supplies and Electronic Loads

EA-Power Control is a software package for managing, controlling and programming of EA devices from a MS Windows © PC. The software puts EA devices directly on your computer screen and allows you to operate them, just as if you were operating them via the device HMI. EA-Power Control offers some advanced applications for simulation or testing of different test objects.

  • The EA-Power Control software is freeware, to control up to 10 EA devices on one PC
  • A commercial license is offered with extended functionality and advanced applications (Multi Control license) to control up to 20 devices
  • A multi-user license is offered for 5 user PCs

The EA-Power Control key features:

  • Connect EA devices via USB or LAN (Ethernet, RJ45)
  • Read device information from the connected EA devices

The EA-Power Control freeware offers:

App “Terminal“:

  • Device control, status monitor, alarms
  • Terminal commands and answers
  • Scripting (from file)

App “SeqLog“:

  • Sequencing (from file)
  • Logging (to file)

App “Settings“:

  • Parameter setup
  • User setup

App “Update“:

  • Firmware updates

The EA-Power Control “Multi Control” license offers:

App “Multi Control“:

  • Device control, status monitor, alarms
  • Sequencing (from file) up to 20 devices
  • Solar Array Simulation up to 20 devices
  • MPP Tracking, sequence and cycles
  • Sandia PV testing

App “Function Generator“:

  • Basic function curves
  • Arbitrary function
  • PV table
  • MPP Tracking
  • Sandia PV testing
  • Efficiency of PV inverters (DIN EN 50530)
  • Battery Test
  • Fuel cell table
  • Automotive (LV 123, 124, 148)
  • EMC in road vehicles (DIN 40839)

App “Graph“:

  • Display measured values in a graph


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