About us

About our company

Developing the vision for tomorrow today

EA-Elektro-Automatik is Germany’s leading manufacturer of laboratory power supplies. Our selected trade partners in the EU and across all continents deliver our equipment to the farthest corners of the world.

Experience is the basis of our competence
Our strong market position is the result of a successful company history and continuous development, driven by an exceptional pioneer in the field of power electronics, our founder Hans Helmut Nolden. From a family led business we have developed into a mid-size company with a global presence and a world-wide dealer network.
Continuity, reliability and modern switching concepts are the most important core factors of our business.

Direct and fast communication is our strength
Our hierarchy is flat and group based. Our customers value the fast and direct contact which enables their needs and special requirements to be satisfied quickly and efficiently.
What today was just an idea is in the planning tomorrow and will then be promptly implemented.

EA core activities
Research, development and manufacture of power electronics, with focus on laboratory power supplies (AC and DC), electronic loads (DC), battery chargers and DC emergency power supplies.

Our mission
Technical leadership through the GPI (General Purpose Instrument) in the laboratory power supply segment as well as electronic loads for applications in R & D, industry and training.
We are serving not only today’s market but are also actively developing new ideas and visions for the product demands of tomorrow. We work together with our customers, learn about their applications and develop innovative solutions with allrounder ability for a global, continuously changing industry.

EA Company Presentation

Timeline successful since 1974

+  2013
All EA power-supplies as from 1kW available with touch panel control

+  2012
Electronic loads with recovery function (mains feed-back) up to 105kW

+  2011
Foundation of EA-Elektro-Automatik (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
High-power laboratory- and industrial power-supplies with active PFC, resonant converter topology and auto-ranging output up to 150kW

+  2009
Micro–processor based controller for all laboratory power supplies as from 640W

+  2007
World Innovation: 
New generation of laboratory power-supply series with auto-ranging output, 1.5kW to 9kW, 0…80V to 0…300V

+  2005
Primary switched-mode laboratory power-supply range 160W, 320W and 640W
with 0...16V, 0...32V, 0.. 65 V and  0...150V

+  2003
Dual-stage high-power resonant converter power supply with economy controller

+  2002
Power supplies for telecommunication with remote surveillance

+  2001
19“ industrial and euro-cassette primary switched mode power supplies

+  1999
Outdoor backup DC UPS systems for GSM and beam radio

+  1998
Switched-mode inverter 2500W

+  1997
Enlargement of production site (hall 3) at Helmholtzstrasse to 10,000 sqm.
Telecommunication market, foundation of EAC (Elektro-Automatik-Convertronic)
48 DC UPS for transmitter antennas, beam radio, GSM, UMTS

+  1996
World Innovation: 
2kW electronic load with energy recovery (mains feed-back)

+  1995
High-voltage laboratory power supplies with resonant-converter topology 
and active power-factor correction (PFC).
Initiation of production co-operation in the PR China.

+  1985
Enlargement of production site (hall 2) at Helmholtzstrasse in Viersen.
Company product innovation: Primary switched-mode laboratory power supplies.

+  1981
Relocation and new site construction in Viersen, at Helmholtzstrasse with 2,000 sqm of floor space.
Product range: Laboratory power supplies, inverters, battery chargers.

+  1974
Production of linear-technology power supplies for hobby, 
industry and radio communication (CB, HAM).