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Passion for the development

We at EA-Elektro-Automatik have a passion for the development and manufacture of laboratory power supply units which meet today‚Äôs requirements for functionality, flexibility and reliability. Our highly experienced hard and software engineers bring together logic and power components to create a test unit which we call the "General Purpose Instrument". 

"General purpose" because it is designed to cover the maximum number of current industrial applications.  The GPI concept is to power the maximum number of test objects with the minimum number of supply units, thus offering real added value to the customer. The complete power supply program covers not only voltage or current generation but also load generation (electronic loads). This latter is also regenerative, i.e. with energy recovery feed back to the mains..

DC- and AC Power

Guaranteed quality
No test bench should be without power and supply devices. All components or applications in the industrial arena must first be designed and simulated in the laboratory before being introduced in the field. From the simplest lights, cut-outs or transistors to switches, contacts and performance and on to highly complex control units or drives in automotive, nautics or avionics, all must be live tested to guarantee reproducible functions, quality and safety. All this in a continually tightening standards environment (ISO, EN, UL, CSA, IEC, etc.)

Our customers

Universities, institutes, research establishments
Here we deliver extensively equipped supply units and loads for fundamental research and experiments which represent the precursor to industrial usage, in low cost, medium grade or high end, matched to the function and available budget.
Industrial customers: electronic and electro chemicals, process engineering.

From small scale to large scale
in mass production all the relevant, previously determined, laboratory parameters are again verified before introduction in the field.  Here we offer a scaleable performance. Because of our modular architecture almost all EA devices can be delivered in low, medium or high performance up to multiple 100kW. 

Internal and external scaleability saves money for the customer and enables a systematic performance expansion of their production facility. The update capability of our process equipment keeps the customer functionally up-to-date.
EA-Elektro-Automatik Laboratory power supplies and electronic loads...

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  • Flexible Output Power Stage
  • Always max. power availability
  • Serves a larger number of EUTs
  • Up to 3 times higher power

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Energy Recovery

  • Substantially cost saving
  • Efficiency up to 95%
  • Fast amortisation
  • Ecologically friendly

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