Downloads & Troubleshooting

Support UTA 12

Help for Problems with the UTA12 Installation

Problem: The UTA12 is not or apparently not recognized by the PC (Windows’ Plug’n’Play) or the driver installation fails.

Solution: It is very likely that a driver is installed from another hardware (e.g. a USB-to-RS232 converter) which fits the UTA12 and is therefore used by Windows. However, this driver is usually not a pure USB driver and must therefore either be removed or updated. To update the driver, use the device manager, if the UTA12 is listed there, right click->Update driver and select the driver on the UTA12 CD.

Problem: The UTA12 software does not start because LabView Runtime 7.0 is required

Solution: The LabView Runtime Engine 7.1 on some CDs is not compatible. Please download and install the installer version with Runtime, unless you have already installed Runtime 7.0.

Help on Problems with the UTA Sequence Tool

Problem: The tool hangs when processing a CSV or XLS file

Possible cause: You are using Windows 98 or have Office 97/2000 installed. The tool either crashes or hangs itself when you open a CSV file. However, this should only happen after you have tried to open an XLS file.

Solution: Do not open XLS files, use CSV only. You can still use Excel to edit a table, but you will have to save it as CSV.