Software for remote control of power supplies


Exclusively for power supplies of series PS 2000 B

EasyPS2000 is a Windows software exclusively for power supplies of series PS 2000 B. All models of this series feature an USB port and with the software it is possible to remotely control the device in a comfortable way. It just requires a Windows PC and a vacant USB port.

The software is free, but without unlocking your PS 2000 B device you can only use a small number of features:

Trial version
Full version
Read device information (serial number, software version)YesYes
Complete remote control of your deviceYes
Data logging into CSV filesYes
Automated control of the device via CSV value tablesYes
Graphical display of the output valuesYes

Unlocking a device for the software requires to purchase a licence code for every unit. By purchasing the licence code you will receive a software kit that contains a CD with documentation, USB driver and EasyPS2000 software, along with a mini USB cable, which is necessary to make the connection to the PC. Contact your dealer to order the kit in combination with your PS 2000 B unit or seperately.

  • The software can only control 1 unit at a time
  • Please read the user guides for PS 2000 B series power supplies and for EasyPS2000 software in order to find out, if any of both is suited to match your requirements
  • Important! When subsequently ordering your EasyPS2000 software kit you need to tell the device’s serial number. You can find the serial on the rear side of your device, on the type label.