UTA 12

Drivers & tools for UTA12

UTA12 Control Software

UTA12 Control is only compatible to the universal USB-to-analog interface UTA12. It provides remote control (set value, output status) and monitoring (actual values, alarm) of one unit of any type of variable power supply that is equipped with an analog interface for 0...10V DC analog control voltage, plus perhaps some status signals (LOW/HIGH).
The software also features graphical visualisation of actual values, as well as data recording of measured data to text files, which can be imported into, for example, Excel for analysis.

With english installer, instruction manual included as PDF.

UTA12 Sequence Control Tool

Attention! This software is provided as is and comes without any support and any guarantee for completeness and function and serves only for testing purposes.

Scope: simple tool to control a power supply unattendedly via an Excel (or CSV) sheet.

Following features are included:

  • Setting of voltage/current or only voltage on a time basis within a range of 20ms...100h per row of a table (Excel sheet)
  • Usable rows: 65534 (limited by Excel)
  • Voltage and current values from 0 up to the maximum of the unit to control
  • Times: min. 20ms per row if only voltage is set, min. 40ms if voltage and current are set, maximum values as stated above
  • Blink function: by giving a number (=frequency) the voltage is blinked with the given  frequency inbetween the given time of the row, that is, switched off (to 0V) and on again
  • Example: Voltage 32V, time 15 seconds, blink value 3Hz --> the voltage will be switched  off and on for 45 times
  • Long timer: this timer (1min...100h) consists of two time values, one value for ON, the other value for OFF. Each 1min...100h. If the timer for ON is active, the sheet (table) is processed normally. If this timer has ended, then the timer for OFF will start and the processing of the table is paused until this timer has ended.
  • Repeat function: the processing of the table can be repeated 1...255 times
  • Resolution of the voltage resp. minimum step width: like with the UTA interface. Values with decimal places which would exceed the technical resolution of the UTA are rounded

With this list of features a wide range of possibilities is offered to the user. The time-voltage run is individually configurable by the table and the sufficient number of rows. You can even run ramps, for instance, by setting small voltage changes in every row together with small times (from 20ms), which is easily done using Excel. Furthermore you could, by an according calculation of the necessary values and setting them up in the table, create sine wave shaped or other curves.

The file contains the tool (in English), a german instruction manual and sample tables. Because the tool is based on LabView it requires LabView 2013 Runtime. If the runtime is already present/installed, please download the file without runtime, else the one with runtime.

Attention! Requires an installed Microsoft Excel (at least OfficeXP) when using Excel sheets of type *.xls. CSV files can be used without Excel.

Requires at least Windows XP, does not run or runs only restrictedly with Windows 98.

UTA12 USB driver

Hardware USB driver, required for any application.
Compatible to: Windows XP or newer (32bit & 64bit)

Please also read the updated UTA12 user manual in chapter 1 regarding driver setup.

UTA12 Programming Guide

Contains a guide to implement and control the UTA adapter in software environments like C/C++/VB/Delphi etc. German and english. The Visual Basic examples demonstrate the USB driver communication via DLL or virtual COM port (VCP).

UTA12 Manual

The most recent version of the user's guide (also present on the included software CD) as PDF. Contains instructions on how to use and install hard- and software of/for the UTA interface.


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