Vector DBC

Vector DBC

For the device models as listed below, DBC files for Vector CAN software or compatible software
are available.

Please pay attention to these notes:

  • Every device requires its own DBC file, because it contains translation factors for current, voltage, power and resistance
  • The software usually allows to load multiple DBC filesn
  • All DBC have default message IDs, which have to be adjusted by the user according to the base ID settings on the device(s)
  • Read the documentation that is included with the DBC file
  • The DBC supports the basic functions of the device by default, further commands can be added by the user
  • Some device models are very similar, like for example PS 8080-60 T and PS 8080-60 DT, but in the DBC for the T model the support for setting the power is not given, but can added for a DT afterwards
  • The DBCs for PS models can be generally used for the same models of the PSI series, but would the lack the support for internal resistance adjustment (where unlocked)
  • Series PSI 9000 (old series until 2012) does not support the Vector DBC format
  • Series BCI 800 R and PSI 800 R don’t support the Vector DBC format

For models not listed below, please request. The DBC will be generated, e-mailed and published

All DBC files

Download all DBC files

DBC files, sorted by series:

Series PSI 9000 Series PSB 9000 Series ELR 9000 Series EL 9000 B Series PSE 9000 Series EL 3000 / EL 9000 Series PS 8000 Series PSI 8000
PSI 9040-40 2U PSB 9080-360 3U ELR 9080-340 EL 9080-85 B HP/2Q PSE 9080-510 EL 3160-60 PS 8016-20 T/DT

PSI 8016-20 T

PSI 9040-60 2U PSB 9500-90 3U ELR 9080-510  EL 9080-340 B PSE 9500-30 EL 9080-200 PS 8032-10 T/DT PSI 8032-20 T
PSI 9080-60 2U PSB 91000-40 3U ELR 9250-210  EL 9750-40 B   EL 9080-400 PS 8032-20 T/DT/2U PSI 8040-510 3U
PSI 9080-120 2U  PSB 9080-120 3U ELR 9500-90  EL 9080-1020B   EL 9080-600 PS 8040-60 2U PSI 8080-60 DT/2U
PSI 9080-340 3U  PSB 9750-60 3U ELR 9750-44  EL 9200-140 B   EL 9160-300 PS 8040-340 3U PSI 8080-120 2U
PSI 9080-510 3U  PSB 9750-40 ELR 9750-66  EL 9200-210 B   EL 9400-50 PS 8065-10 T/DT/2U PSI 8080-170 3U
PSI 9500-20 2U   ELR 91000-30     EL 9400-100 PS 8080-40 DT/2U PSI 8080-340 3U
PSI 9750-04 2U    ELR 9500-80     EL 9400-150 PS 8080-60 T PSI 8200-210 3U
PSI 9750-06 2U         EL 9750-25 PS 8080-60 DT/2U PSI 8360-15 DT/2U
PSI 9750-12 2U         EL 9750-50 PS 8080-120 2U PSI 8500-90 3U
PSI 9750-20 3U         EL 9750-75 PS 8080-340 3U PSI 8600-70 3U
PSI 9750-60 3U           PS 8080-510 3U PSI 81000-30 3U
PSI 91000-30 3U           PS 8160-04 2U  PSI 816-20 R
 PSI 9080-200           PS 8160-60 2U  PSI 880 60R
 PSI 9500-90 3U           PS 8160-170 3U  
PSI 9040-170 3U           PS 8360-15 2U  
            PS 8400-70 3U  
            PS 8500-30 3U  
            PS 8500-60 3U  
            PS 8720-15 2U  
            PS 81000-30 3U  

PS 81500-30 3U

PS8500 90 3U


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