Firmware for product series since 2014 

The below listed firmwares are for all new device series released since 2014. They have to be installed in a different way than with older series. The update file, that you get from the DOWNLOAD link, has to be installed using software EA Power Control, which should be installed on a Windows PC before actually trying to update the device. Updates can only be installed via the USB port, except for the ELM 5000 (ELR 5000) modules which only have Ethernet. There the update is done via the LAN port.


Note: most firmware updates are accompanied by a new device manual which you can download in the Shop. Just click through to your device model. There is also mostly a new programming documentation.

Please note: In case your EA Power Control rejects the update file by reporting an error, please install the most recent version. From January, 2016 the update file is only supported by version 2.01 or newer.


PSB 10000
PSI 10000
ELR 10000
PSB 9000
PS 9000 1U / 2U / 3U
PSE 9000 3U
PSI 9000 2U / 3U
PSI 9000 DT
PS 3000 C
PS 5000
 PSI 5000
ELM 5000 (ELR 5000)
ELM 5000 (ELR 5000)  Attention! If your ELR 5000 device has been delivered before 10-20-2016
please update the so-called bootloader. A firmware is linked to the right,
instructions on how to update the bootloader are included in the ZIP.
EL 9000 B / ELR 9000
EL 9000 T
EL 9000 DT
PS 9000 T / PSI 9000 T

Firmware for old product series

Note: Select the proper file according to the series your device is from (e.g. PSI 8160-04 R --> series PSI 800 R). 

After unzipping the downloaded file, you will receive another ZIP. Do not try to unpack this, just open it in the update tool!


PS 8000 T Version up to date: v6.11
PS 8000 DT / DT HS Version up to date DT: v6.18
PS 8000 2U / 2U HS / 3U Version up to date 2U: v6.11
Version up to date 2U HS: v6.18
Version up to date 2U ZH: v6.11
Version up to date 2U ZH HS: v6.11
Version up to date 3U: v6.16
Version up to date 3U HS: v6.15
PSI 8000 T / DT / 2U / 3U Version up to date: 3.29
PSI 800 R Version up to date: 2.10
PSI 9000 (old series until 2012) Version up to date: 4.03
EL 3000 Version up to date: 5.05
Hinweis: Updatable from v3.0
EL 9000 / EL 9000 HP

Version up to date: 5.05
Notice: updatable from v.3.0

BCI 800 R
Interface module IF-G1 Version up to date: 3.13
Interface module IF-E1B Version up to date: 2.14
Attention! Only for Product 33100227!

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