Software & USB driver for IF-XX interface cards

Software & USB driver for IF-XX interface cards

USB driver IF-U1 / IF-U2 / IF-E1B / IF-E2 / IF-PB1

For Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux and MacOS X

The driver is a combined driver. It means, it can work as a true USB driver and it creates a COM port for every USB port of an interface card that is installed, which then can be accessed as a RS232 interface. This virtual COM port (VCP) is activated by default after the installation! It can to be deactivated in the driver setup dialogue (Windows device manager), if only the USB functionality is required.

Older driver versions, for example for Windows XP, can be found on the manufacturer's website


Profibus GSD

Here you can find so-called Generic Station Device files (GSD) for the implementation of our devices with interface card IF-PB1 into a Profibus network. English version (*.GSE) included. Supported device series:

  • Power supply series PSI 8000
  • Power supply series PS 8000
  • Power supply series PSI 9000 (old series until 2012)

Also refer to the documentation of our digital interface cards, section "Profibus", to learn about the supported datagrams.


Profibus example project for STEP7

Here you can find an example project for Siemens STEP 7 software (EN version), with english documentation included, which shall explain step by step how to implement a power supply device with Profibus interface IF-PB1 into a configuration. This guide, as included in the ZIP file, can also help users with other Profibus Master software, though the Siemens project may not be loadable.

Requires: Siemens STEP 7 Version 5.4 oder newer


IP-Config for use with devices with Ethernet interface card IF-E1B

This tool is used to adjust network parameters  (IP, subnet mask, gateway) of  a device where these parameters can't be set on the device itself. This pre-configuration is done via the additional USB port of the Ethernet card. After the setup, the device can be integrated into a network and is instantly accessible.

The tool is based on Labview and requires a runtime engine. In case the required runtime engine is already installed on your PC, by a different software from us, then please download the much smaller version without runtime, delete everything in the installation folder and unpack the ZIP file to there.


LabView VIs

These LabView VIs are used to control devices that are equipped with on the supported EA interface cards (see below) and to implement them into custom applications. Also included are a user guide and some sample VIs. Requires at least LabView 7.


EasySoft Update Tool

The EasySoft update tool is used for manual firmware updates on site.



There you can find the current firmware for your product.


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